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Personalized wooden tray with handles,coffee tray,cake drawn tray ,wooden tray

$ 14.73
  • KES: KSh 1,634

The best thing I love about these trays are the personal engraved messages and drawings. So it has a personal touch which adds more appeal. Why not order one as a gift and choose your favorite message and art.

Whopper 5 Piece Wooden Spoons Cooking Utensils – Wooden Spoons and Spatula Utensil Set – Wood Nonstick Cooking Spoons for Kitchen

$ 13.00
  • KES: KSh 1,442

perfect gift for your newly wedded friends and family, with the set holder having a personalized message engraved on it. The wooden kitchen accessories are a better choice because they don’t destroy your cooking pots. So as you use them, you also get value for your money with durable products.

Wooden Twin sized bowels ,Wooden bowls

$ 15.00
  • KES: KSh 1,664

A great center piece for your dining table, this divided wooden round bowls can be used to place different sauces. It comes with a laid-back rustic color. You can choose to put multiple of these pieces on your dining table based on the number of people you are accommodating.