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Beaded Maasai Table Mat

$ 30.00
  • KES: KSh 3,327

Decorating your dining table and can be used
at any occasion. It is made of leather and beads.

  • They Are elegant for home and kitchen use or simply a stand alone decor piece
  • All mats are handmade and unique.
  • That will make patterns, colors and sizes slightly vary from photos.
  • Variety of patterns and designs available.

Maasai belt, Leather belt, Beaded belt, Handmade belt, Maasai beaded leather belt, African beaded belt, Men belt, Casual belt, Boho belt

$ 40.00
  • KES: KSh 4,436

Our beautifully designed leather belts are made from beads, shell and recycled brass. The belts are beaded by Masaai women and are very often referred to as Masaai belts. The belts can be worn with jeans, chinos and any trouser. Make a fashion statement with these uniquely designed belts. They are available in various sizes (28 -38).

Maasai Blanket,Cotton blanket,Red and black blanket

$ 35.00
  • KES: KSh 3,882

Cozy Maasai blanket, used by our Maasai when they are out in the wilderness looking after their cattle. Curl up on your sofa with the warmth of the Maasai blanket during the cold weather and let this blanket take you back to the Maasai Mara’s beauty and warmth. Get you, your family and friends something warm and familiar for winter. Available in various colours.