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Africa elephant printed Tray, Animal print, breakfast tray, decorative tray, home decor, animal tray, childrens tray, cake tray


Balance multiple servings on this beautifully made trays that are wide enough to carry everything you need in only two goes.


Beaded cake slicer/wedding gift/stainless beaded spatula


Cake is always delicious and mouthwatering, what better way to enrich that display but with a beautiful Kenyan cake slicer. It is stunningly beaded and comes with a variety of cotton print cover patterns. It is easy to clean and easy on the eyes. Quick! Get yourself one!


Container Salt – Kitchen Decor – Wooden double salt set


Looking for a handcrafted personalized salt set, get yourself this wooden one that blends well with any other kitchen accessory you have.


Cotton white tea towels/animal printed tea towels


Captivating and purely cotton tea towels. These tea towels have quite the welcoming and charismatic design. Their cotton nature makes them comfortable for use and easy to wash. These tea towels also come in a variety of designs and colour. Get some inviting tea towels for your household and your neighbour’s household too.


Maasai chuka coated saviet box,kenya maasai chuka box,saviet box african made


Tired of the norm, break away from it and get yourself this tissue paper box made from dried banana leaves, Ankara material that is used for the inner lining and finally Maasai shuka used on the outside. Its perfect for that rustic home décor your itching to try out.


Personalized wooden tray with handles,coffee tray,cake drawn tray ,wooden tray


The best thing I love about these trays are the personal engraved messages and drawings. So it has a personal touch which adds more appeal. Why not order one as a gift and choose your favorite message and art.


Whopper 5 Piece Wooden Spoons Cooking Utensils – Wooden Spoons and Spatula Utensil Set – Wood Nonstick Cooking Spoons for Kitchen


perfect gift for your newly wedded friends and family, with the set holder having a personalized message engraved on it. The wooden kitchen accessories are a better choice because they don’t destroy your cooking pots. So as you use them, you also get value for your money with durable products.


Wooden Spoon


Wouldn’t you like to serve your Xmas dinner… and every dinner from that point on for that matter… using this lovely wooden pin serving spoon. It is made from beautiful shiny wood and has this amazing handle with small details.


Wooden Twin sized bowels ,Wooden bowls


A great center piece for your dining table, this divided wooden round bowls can be used to place different sauces. It comes with a laid-back rustic color. You can choose to put multiple of these pieces on your dining table based on the number of people you are accommodating.