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Africa beaded baskets,wedding gift,sisal baskets

$ 15.00
  • KES: KSh 1,664

Match up your dining accessories with these three beaded baskets that you can use to lay out fruits, baked foods and your napkins from the largest to the smallest. The baskets are made from sisal with the mouth being beautifully designed with colorful beads.

Beaded Magazine Basket

$ 20.00
  • KES: KSh 2,218

This amazing basket is superb to put makeup or just decorate a room with. It is colourful and who doesn’t like some good beadwork. It is an amazing piece to have in the house or hey give your office some colour.

Medium African basket,Wedding gifts,2018 Trendy decor,hand crafted basket

$ 10.00
  • KES: KSh 1,109

Place your elegant jewelries in this equally beautiful sisal jewelry basket. It comes in different colors so you don’t have to break your décor with a different color or shade. Better yet, use it to break monotony on your dressing table.