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Maasai Belt


Belts can turn an outfit from good to amazing. So, what about one with some beads and genuine leather to finish off. This belt will give you that wow factor.


Maasai Belt


This belt is sleek and made of leather. It can be worn with a dress or even a good pair of jeans. Did I mention it is leather made? It has very good endurance.


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Tired of confusing those cute little puppies with your dog’s look alike? Well, a simple touch of bead work with a variety of patterns and designs on the collar will do. Get your dog a different look that will leave the rest drooling over your dog’s style. These leather beaded collars are unique, durable and are of different designs thus you can easily purchase more than one.


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KSh4,300.00 KSh3,999.00

Our beautifully designed leather belts are made from beads, shell and recycled brass. The belts are beaded by Masaai women and are very often referred to as Masaai belts. The belts can be worn with jeans, chinos and any trouser. Make a fashion statement with these uniquely designed belts. They are available in various sizes (28 -38).